Propeller Size Calculator for
Displacement / Semi-displacement Hulls

Instructions for use:

  1. Enter your data into the form.
  2. Use accurate data. The results are only as good
    as the data you enter.
  3. Press the calculate button to display the results.
  4. Using the "back" button on your browser,
    you can return to this data form from the results page
    to change individual items without having to re-enter everything again.

    Waterline length of vessel Feet
    Beam at the waterline Feet
    Molded hull draft (excluding keel) Feet
    Vessel displacement weight Pounds
    Number of engines (Shaft lines)
    Maximum rated horsepower of each engine HP
    Maximum rated engine R.P.M. RPM
    Gear ratio : 1
    Number of shaft bearings between the gear box and the propeller
    Desired maximum speed
    (calculations will show the HP required to attain your desired speed)

    1 knot = 1.1508 mile per hour


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