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About Us

About Us

Marine Propeller Specialists.

Since 1981, Victoria Propeller Ltd. has been building lasting relationships with our customers by providing the highest quality products and service. We judge our success by our abilities to solve your propeller performance problems and by earning word of mouth referrals.

  • As a specialist company, all of our attention is focused on one thing - Marine Propellers.
  • We offer helpful advice, service, and sales for all sizes of marine propellers.
  • From small outboard propellers to huge container ship propellers, and everything in between.
  • Using our specialized equipment we can measure, straighten, weld, refinish, and balance most propeller sizes and designs.
  • Our team of highly trained propeller technicians have the experience and expertise to manage all of your propeller requirements.

Bring us your bent,
your smashed,
your distorted propellers,
yearning to be true.
Your misshapen victims of
encounters with unfriendly shores.
They shall know the hammer,
and the hammer shall set them straight.